Make any website social

with just a few lines of code.

<script src="pho.js"></script>
  //Initiate with your ID

Add login and logout
in single line of code!

<!-- Login Box -->
<graphjs-auth default="login" />

<!-- Authentication State -->
<graphjs-state />

Easily create profiles!

    'I am a badass UX designer!',

Add comment section
to any page you want!

<graphjs-comments max="20" />

Add messaging between users!

<graphjs-messages />

Create a community forum!

<graphjs-forum />

Measure your content
with user interaction.

<!-- Buttons on any page -->
<graphjs-star-button type="love" />

<!-- List favorite site content -->
<graphjs-star-list />

and even more...

<script src="pho.js"></script>
    'Freelance Web Designers', //Title
    'Design, code, publish, repeat!', //Description
    '' //Cover
<script src="pho.js"></script>
  //Follow a user (using their id)
  //Unfollow a user (using their id)
<script src="pho.js"></script>
    title: 'Login Required',
    text: 'You have to login to see this content!',
    customoption: 'Go to Login'

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