The frontend code can be found at https://github.com/phonetworks/graphjs
also https://github.com/phonetworks/graphjs-server is where the server-side components are at
It is written in Riot.js
The frontend code can be found at https://github.com/phonetworks/graphjs
Yes! There is one in beta. Just go to Extensions in the admin panel, and search "GraphJS". For more information, check out the video below:
You can find GraphJS in production live at blocksplain.com --a tech blog by Richard MacManus-- in forums and blog post comments, and emresokullu.com in contact form.
Yes! GraphJS is entirely open source. The code can be found at github.com/phonetworks/graphjs and github.com/phonetworks/graphjs-server
The code that runs the instances created on this website is exactly the same as the one shared above.
GraphJS is licensed under AGPL, which basically means, there are no limitations except you need to share your changes with the community under the same license, and give credit to the original authors. See LICENSE file in each repo for more detailed information.
Googlebot is known to parse Ajax and Javascript contents since 2011. This was tested and approved by Search Engine Land as well. GraphJS uses dynamically inserted content which is, according to Search Engine Land, is crawled and indexed, thus ranking the page for content.
A creative way to achieve it would be using GraphJS Messages: Composer in anonymous mode. Here is an example to show how it would work:

<graphjs-messages-composer id="[USER_ID_OF_THE_PERSON_THIS_MESSAGE_WILL_GO_TO]" anonymity="on"></graphjs-messages-composer>

All you need to do is to find your user id and replace [USER_ID_OF_THE_PERSON_THIS_MESSAGE_WILL_GO_TO] with it.
You noticed that each GraphJS component come within a padded box, right? You can remove these boxes if you want. This way, you can make the components blend in your design. You just need to change the box attribute to disable it; just add box="disabled" and that should do it.
Sometimes we need titles to clarify things. You can see titles on top of some GraphJS components. If you want, you can add titles to almost every component using title attribute. You can also change the existing ones as you see in the example.

<graphjs-messages title="Custom title goes here."><graphjs-messages>
The only languages supported by GraphJS are French and English. If the language option is left blank, the tags will display in English. For most updated languages, you may check GraphJS Github Repository
A good layout design is important for web design. In order to not ruin it, GraphJS components takes its parent element’s shape thanks to their 100% width rule. However, you can change this using max/min-width/height attributes, if you please. You can use px, em, and % to achieve that.

<graphjs-forum max-width="800px"><graphjs-forum>