Single Sign-on

As of version 1.6, it is possible to integrate GraphJS with your existing authentication infrastructure. This means, if you have a dynamic application with an existing user registration backend, you may authenticate your online users on GraphJS simultaneously and seamlessly. There are three steps to achieve this:

  • Present your existing users to GraphJS (using tokenSignup call)
  • Make sure each new user on your platform is presented to GraphJS (again, using tokenSignup call)
  • Every time you will present a GraphJS tag on a page that is shown to your logged in users, create a token with the "secret key" provided to you, and initialize GraphJS with that parameter.

That's it! Please note, single sign-on is a premium feature available only to a select few. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need access.

You may use single sign-on not only with tags but with call functions as well. Just generate a token and use tokenLogin call to sign your users in automatically.